Your dream of owning your own café can begin with us...


For whom is our project intended?

If you answer "yes" to at least one of these questions, keep reading.

Have you always dreamed of having your own small business, but?

Or do you enjoy coffee, baking, cooking, working with people, but?

  • You're afraid to say it out loud because you think it's foolish, because you work in a completely different field and your surroundings won't support you,

  • You fear the legislative and preparatory burden without enough experience,

  • You don't know what you'll need and don't know who to ask,

  • You've already decided, but "experts" haven't supported you and have inundated you with a million reasons why you'll fail and why it won't work,

  • You've moved on to the next step and found that the budget and amount of time won't allow it,

  • Maybe you would go for it, but you don't want to go alone,

  • You wanted to, but your inexperienced friend did it and it didn't end well, so you don't want to experience the same,

  • You feel too old and are afraid that you can't afford to fail...

We have an answer and personal experience for all of this. Small family businesses are among the most beautiful and interesting aspects of the gastronomy industry. Many people are destined to work with people, which fulfills them, but fate led them into other sectors, and they often live their productive lives in environments where they don't belong. The opposite is true when a person is in the right place. Everyone probably has their favorite café, shop, etc., but they usually don't go there just for the interior, location, or low prices; they go there because of the "genius loci," the atmosphere created when the right person is in the right place. We see a gap in the market here and want to fill it. With our project, we offer you technical assistance and a foundation, so you won't be completely alone.

"Fear/dread/uncertainty has more power than we think. Being able to process and control fear can be the key to a successful and content life. Just as fear saves our lives (we don't jump from the fifth floor, even if it's a shorter way down, but use the stairs), it also places obstacles in our path. Knowing how to critically evaluate situations that make us fearful/dreadful is sometimes very difficult. Many times, we laugh at situations from the past that used to make us fearful, and now we handle them without problems. These are experiences that teach us that being afraid in a particular situation was unnecessary."


In brief, let us introduce the Caffe Zelený Štvorec concept to you. It's a café with a store. The concept is flexible and can adapt to the space and surroundings. What does that mean? For example, our pilot project in Demänová is located in a tourist region but is also intended for locals. We have both outdoor and indoor seating and space for a store. Therefore, we offer breakfast, baguettes, healthy soups for lunch, coffee, draft beer, Kofola, a store with homemade and quality products, souvenirs, etc. However, we can adjust the products according to demand and location. Currently, for example, we are preparing a branch in Nová Tržnica in Bratislava. There, we will only have a counter, so we won't include certain products, and we'll adapt others for faster service. We offer our own brand of coffee, Caffe Zelený Štvorec, and our own beer, Pifko Ifka. We have several recipes prepared for tasty classic breakfasts, soups, our own grape strudel, etc. What does this mean for you? You will have a complete range of products ready to start, including recipes, suppliers, technical equipment, and a menu. You can customize your own products, cakes, breakfasts, baguettes, handmade products, and personalize your business according to your taste. Interior design and furnishings are also included. We even think about details like preparing a basic playlist of relaxing music for your customers and installing a music system in your business. We offer you tastings from our suppliers, which you can organize in your own business (wine, Prosecco, coffee, cheeses, chocolates, etc.). Everything without worries.

Why coffee that brings a smile?

Being relaxed and cheerful is part of the project. We want people to perceive our businesses with a smile. With every coffee purchase, we offer a smile in the form of humorous quotes, jokes, and various tasks for customers. We can use these on social media, create contests, etc.

Where do we see a gap in the market?

If you hire a company to set up your business for you, it will be much more expensive, and, above all, it won't solve other related elements. A café isn't just chairs, tables, and a bar counter. The rental contract for the space (if you don't own it), establishing a company, operating regulations, HACCP, hygiene approval - you have to address all these. You'll also need to create a graphic design for your logo, a design manual, advertisements, etc. Many people forget about these costs in their budget, or they do it themselves, and it ends up looking unprofessional. Another supplier will bring you a cash register, but you won't know if it's suitable because they will assure you that it's the best. Once you buy it, you have to input items, take photos of products, write descriptions, etc. Even at this stage, you've sacrificed a lot of unpaid time and investment.

The second option is to buy a franchise. This model has the advantage of being perfectly prepared, but it has a huge disadvantage in high entry costs and, above all, the inability to further shape the project, add finishing touches, and let your personality shine through. We offer you a ready-made project that is financially and time-wise cheaper than if you were to create it yourself and a much cheaper, more open, and freer form of entrepreneurship.

We can select the most efficient (in terms of performance and price) for your future business. We do everything as if we were preparing it for ourselves. You'll only pay necessary costs, with significant financial and time savings.


We want to share our experiences and make our products accessible to the general public.

What do we expect from you?

  • Invested costs. You'll only pay for the equipment you'll see in your new business. At this point, you've already saved money because we select from verified suppliers, avoiding unnecessary and expensive purchases. We know where it's appropriate to invest and where to save sensibly. We naturally use the supplier relationships we have. Everything will be recorded in accounting.

  • Purchasing our products. During the contract period, we will supply you with our products, coffee, and beer (if it's part of the project). Naturally, at competitive prices. No excessive markup.

  • Monthly fee. This is the part where you reward us for our work. The fee is by no means exorbitant. It's less than you might think :-). Its calculation has a rational basis and depends on specific conditions, the size of the business, the duration of the contract, the amount of your investment, etc. Throughout our cooperation, we will actively manage the online space, where you can present yourself.

f you find this offer interesting, do you have a theoretical space where you could open your business? Are you interested in our specific business? Do you have any questions? Contact us at: 0903767757,