"Who takes care of you?"

Our activities in the gastronomic field are inspired by home and traditions, giving rise to brands like Caffe Zelený Štvorec, Pifko Ifka, Domáca Kuchyňa, and Koliba Tri Studničky. Our goal is to offer traditional and time-tested products. With the concept of Tradičná Domáca Kuchyňa (Traditional Home Kitchen), we explore traditional dishes from around the world. Richard Tomáš, as a representative of the company, delves into the traditions of many countries. In this spirit, we also operate Koliba Tri Studničky, which, as the name and location suggest, exclusively offers Slovak Home Cuisine. This phrase represents a life philosophy for us, and we strive to stay as close as possible to the original and traditional methods and ingredients.

Our entire restaurant operation is handled by our team, without whom these ideas could not be realized. Led by Richard Tomáš, our team includes Simona Bakošová, Michal Džuka, Ján Kašák, many seasonal staff, and external collaborators. We fondly remember our former colleagues, too, who have moved on to other establishments but once shared their time with us in cooking, serving, and performing.