Partnerships and Our Projects

Our activities and developments in gastronomy have led us to numerous experiences, encounters, and business as well as friendly relationships. All these endeavors fall under the brand 'Zelený Štvorec' (Green Square). Their common thread is our inspiration drawn from traditional methods, recipes, and ingredients, all executed in the spirit of a personal touch, modernity, 'powered by Richard Tomáš traditional homemade cuisine.' During our operation, various brands and ventures have emerged, including Domáca Kuchyňa (a division now sold), Caffe Zelený Štvorec, Nadácia Zelený Štvorec (Foundation Green Square), Koliba Tri Studničky, Vinum Regni, Hostinec Regni, Poctivé Remeslo, Pifko Ifka.

Domáca Kuchyňa, now a sold brand, specialized in catering, employee dining, and various events.

In Liptovské Revúce, there's a craft brewery named Čierny Kameň (Black Stone), brewing beer specifically for us. We've also reached an agreement for the supply of our light and semi-dark beer, Pifko Ifka.

This dedication to quality is reflected in our coffee, Caffe Zelený Štvorec, where we roast select Brazilian coffee beans provided by the small café of Boris Neyers, KAVALA, in Bratislava. This collaboration has given birth to the concept of Caffe Zelený Štvorec caffe & shop. For more information, visit

Vinum Regni is a dormant brand of select wines that will be revived along with the launch of a planned restaurant in Bratislava, under the brand Richard Tomáš traditional homemade cuisine. This project represents the culmination of our efforts, with an unwavering focus on the origin, quality, and processing of ingredients.

Our most exotic collaboration is with a restaurant in Havana, Cuba, located on Malecón, named El Presidente. Besides indulging in Cuban cuisine, you can also relish the flavors of Slovakia. We highly recommend paying a visit during your stay on the beautiful island of Cuba.