From its history to today's Slow Food.

We warmly welcome you to our stylish family cabin, which has stood here for generations. This location is known as Staré Studne, because the place where it is situated has been called Tri Studničky since ancient times. In the twenties of the last century, residents from the town and the surrounding areas used to come here. We strive to preserve a part of the original atmosphere while offering something new: unconventional combinations and quality dining with delicious homemade food. Our priority is high-quality ingredients, honest homemade recipes, and a satisfied customer. Towards the end of 2008, Richard Tomáš revamped the restaurant in a new way. Over time, we have refined our menu and gained a lot of regular customers.

With the variety of dishes I prepare fresh, time became an issue. We didn't want to compromise on their preparation, and we didn't want to reduce our offerings or deceive the preparation process, and thus the concept of S L O W F O O D was born. Each dish is prepared fresh, without microwaves, additives, or bouillons, which often means longer waiting times, especially when the restaurant is more than half full.

We believe that your stay with us will enrich your memories of visiting Liptov.