Games and Competitions

Outside of our regular menu and concerts, we have two interactive games at the cabin: "Červenú stoličku" and "Richtárov poklad." Additionally, we occasionally organize small Facebook competitions, mostly for fun, such as "Koliba hľadá Superstar" (Koliba Seeks Superstar) or "Koliba spieva" (Koliba Sings). Follow us on Instagram @kolobatristudnicky or Facebook to stay updated on these events and challenge

The Red Chair

In our cottage, there is a red chair that changes its place. If a guest sits on it, they become the main participant. I can ask the staff for a basket containing cards. The guest draws one card and must perform the task written on it. We guarantee you entertainment and a possible reward if the task is completed.


The rules are very simple. Ask the staff to bring you the playing cards. The "sentenced" person can randomly draw one card. If the card is not marked as silent, they can read their prize or task out loud. If the card has the label "SILENT CARD", they must complete the task without reading it out loud. If the task is not completed, unfortunately, the person is obliged to pay the bill for the entire table. Besides various tasks, there are also various rewards on the cards.:

Discounts, drinks, beers, bottles of wine or prosecco, meals, a spin for everyone, or other interesting prizes.

ATTENTION: Everyone plays the game, because "the condemned" can assign some tasks to their fellow diners. But you also have the chance to win a whole bottle or dinner for everyone!

If you enjoyed the game, you can draw more cards without the involvement of the staff, but you forfeit the opportunity for any material or discount prizes.

Enjoy the game!

Richtárov poklad

During summer days, we have a treasure keeper in the garden bar. If you approach them, they will give you the first riddle. Solve it, and it will lead you to the next one, and that one to the next... and in the end, a treasure awaits you ;-). Children have fun, and parents can relax in the garden.