Welcome to our unique music and entertainment event at Koliba Tri Studničky in the beautiful Demänovská Dolina valley!

🎤 What can you expect? 🎸

Immerse your senses on an unforgettable journey through gastronomy, music, and intriguing personalities at our unique event that combines three arts in one. Our guests, including well-known musical talents, actors, scientists, and other socially intriguing figures, will be interviewed by two wonderful hosts – one of whom is a famous influencer .... and the other is a gastronomic guide and concert organizer, Richard Tomáš.

🍽️ Food that delights you:

Your journey begins with a three-course menu inspired by and even co-created by our guests. Each of the three courses will be accompanied by a story from our host. Throughout the evening, you'll have the opportunity to participate in three discussions with intriguing people, interspersed with the amazing musical performance by the band SoaRé. And, in the end, an unforgettable surprise awaits you – a performance by one of our guests, perhaps even something more.

🎶 The sound of global hits in Slovak attire:

Let yourself be carried away by the melodies not only of global hits but also of beautiful Slovak lyrics, providing you with a musical experience like no other through the performance of the band SoaRé.

🌍 Why us?

Our event is one of a kind in the Liptov region. We combine gastronomy, music, and intriguing discussions into one unforgettable experiential event.

When and where:

Once a month at the cozy Koliba Tri Studničky in the heart of Demänovská Dolina.

🎫 Tickets and reservations:

Tickets for our event are available through our official website Koliba Tri Studničky or via the pre-sale network

Follow us:

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Join us and witness a unique experience where taste, sound, and word come together in perfect harmony! 🎉