"How does it look at our place?"

Our cabin consists of five parts.

The Traditional section of the cabin, built in 1922, has a capacity of approximately 30 people. In the past, the upstairs area was also utilized (for about 20 people), but it has now been converted into simple accommodation. The space is equipped with a fireplace and a piano. Due to capacity reasons, it is open only in winter and is designated as the 'Quiet Zone - Adult Only.' We aimed to create a peaceful place for enjoying good food and wine amidst unobtrusive background music and intimate lighting.

The restaurant overlooking the river led to specific spatial requirements, which led us to decide on building a suitable covered area adjacent to the old cabin. After considering various alternatives, we opted for a glass extension in place of the original summer terrace. Replicating the atmosphere of a hundred-year-old building is very challenging, if not impossible. Therefore, we chose an approach in which we architecturally acknowledged the era in which the structure was built. We used the same roofing, pitched roof, and material (wood) to connect both buildings. However, we kept the new part modern in terms of color and furnishings.

The space is minimalist, dominated by shades of gray. An interesting feature is the more than 20 meters long glass wall, which doesn't compromise the view in any direction of the restaurant. The room boasts excellent acoustics and is equipped with top-notch audio equipment, including musical instruments (with the option for audio and video recordings). High-quality concerts are regularly held here, featuring Slovak jazz elites as well as musicians from New York, Brazil, Italy, Grammy award-winners, theaters, travel cinemas, and even Sunday poetry readings.

From the beginning, the space worked exceptionally well in relation to our customers. Initial concerns about the change from the old traditional section were quickly overcome, and we gained new and loyal customers. The space is suitable for organizing various small weddings, celebrations, corporate parties, presentations of Slovak gastronomy and art for foreign tourists, all at a decent and honest level. 

The Koliba Luxury Suite, as mentioned earlier, is located above the traditional section. It used to be a seating area for customers, but today it offers modest yet practical accommodation. The suite has a capacity of 4+1 people, featuring one room with a bathroom and a toilet. We provide services at a ***** star hotel level :-), including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy beer and wine either at the bar or in your room, and we offer services like ski boot dryers, transportation to/from the slope, railway station, or airport. Ski equipment rental is available directly on the slope, along with repair services, all at excellent prices with a personalized approach.