Vinyl aRt from Ivana Jurečku


A Little About Me:

My name is Ivan Jurečka, and I was born in 1984 in Banská Bystrica. I spent six years as a professional soldier in the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. My journey into the world of arts began with studies at the Academy of Performing Arts, specializing in acting. I continued my theater studies at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, focusing on dramatic acting. After graduating, I became a member of the international ensemble at Divadlo Continuo, a theater known for its distinctive visual and scenic poetry. It was at this theater that I delved into working with various materials and techniques.

Currently, my primary focus is on creating art from vinyl records. My work can be seen and purchased at brick-and-mortar stores in Prague, such as Parazit, Cvrk, Ostrof, and Disc Classic in Český Krumov. You can also find me in person at various design markets in the Czech Republic, including Dyzajn Market, Prague Fashion Market, Factory Fashion Market, Petit Market, and more.

Despite my ventures into visual arts, I remain loyal to the world of theater and acting. I continue to perform in several productions at Divadlo Continuo, Divadlo Farma v jeskyni, and Divadlo Ta Fantastika.

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