Štamgast program

Dear customers, there is and perhaps isn't a saying, but we made it up: "Thank you for every customer, but most of all for the one who returns." If you come back to us for the third time, we consider you a regular. If you're interested, we'll enroll you in our Regulars Program.

All it takes is 3 visits marked on our card, and we'll give you our Regulars Card. The card is valid both at Koliba Tri Studničky and at Caffe Zelený Štvorec cafes.

(Residents of nearby villages automatically receive Regulars benefits. (Demänová, Bodice, Demänovská dolina, Jasná, Pavčiná Lehota ...))

As a Regular, you'll enjoy various benefits and special offers. Customized prices, discounts, and small gestures of appreciation. We'll keep you informed about our events, and you'll have priority in reserving seats for our concerts or participating in events that are not publicly accessible. You can find all the benefits marked in the menu lists both at Caffe Zelený Štvorec and at Koliba Tri Studničky.

Here are some selected benefits:

  • Enjoy our premium coffee for 1.50 euros at Caffe Zelený Štvorec (regular price 2.80 euros).
  • Special breakfast prices with a complimentary drink at Caffe Zelený Štvorec.
  • Invitations to tastings at Caffe (wine, cheeses, and other delights).
  • Our homemade Pifko Ifka at special prices: 2.20 euros at the cabin, 2.00 euros at Caffe Zelený Štvorec (regular price 2.80 euros).
  • Welcome drink for free when visiting the cabin.
  • Don Perignon for 199 euros (regular price 250 euros).
  • Complimentary coffee with grilled apples at the cabin.
  • Free glass of wine with our exquisite grilled trout.
  • Free beer with our homemade roasted sausage and legendary roasted knee.
  • 10% discount on the entire bill at the cabin.