#we are in this together  


Liptov owners of gastronomic establishments are joining the initiative 'We are in this together.' Entrepreneurs want to draw attention to the polarizing society, attacks on healthcare workers, and the pandemic-affected gastro and tourism sectors.

Richard Tomáš and Štefan Dohňanský, who have been operating in a popular tourist region for over a decade, mainly in gastronomy and hospitality services, want to support the #Smevtomspolu initiative.

The initiators agree that gastronomy and tourism are among the most affected sectors due to the pandemic. 'Despite being the most vulnerable group in relation to the pandemic, our pleas for insufficient help and the imminent collapse of thousands of restaurants remain unheard by the authorities,' says Richard Tomáš.

The entrepreneur adds that, unlike the second wave, healthcare workers have been forgotten, and instead of recognition, they have to face physical attacks.

'We want to alleviate their difficult situation at least a little and show that the pandemic affects all of us, that #Smevtomspolu. We believe that this will at least slightly shame those who should fully dedicate themselves to the pandemic and its consequences,' adds R. Tomáš.Štefan Dohnanský says they will provide a small token of appreciation to the COVID ward at the hospital in Liptovský Mikuláš. 'We will provide refreshments in the form of pizza and coffee to healthcare workers, to modestly show our appreciation for their work.'

Š. Dohňanský adds that they will offer various benefits to healthcare workers in their establishments, primarily in the form of significant discounts and advantages.

R. Tomáš adds that through social media, they will also urge others, including restaurants, hospitality businesses, and people, to express solidarity with healthcare workers. 'We want others to support the idea that this problem affects all of us, and we can effectively face the pandemic only if we all work together. The donation in the form of refreshments will be handed over to healthcare workers on Tuesday, November 16th, at 11:00 at the Liptov Hospital with Policlinic MUDr. Ivan Stodola in Liptovský Mikuláš.