en-Covid - 19 Don't Panic - Be Responsible      Challenge for Colleagues from Other Restaurants


We are not professionally educated in virology, and we are inundated with various information, making it difficult to form a clear opinion. Generally, platforms like Facebook are flooded with toxic content that can either frighten us or trivialize everything.

However, what we don't need virological education for is common sense and responsibility. Prevention and preparation work in all areas of life, including the kitchen. If we don't want to follow the Italian scenario, let's behave responsibly. There are countries where the consequences are different, smaller, and it seems to be because of their greater discipline and responsibility. We believe that we can avoid the worst cases, but let's not forget about the economic threat. As we are among those who have been allowed to remain open, we should react even more emphatically. None of us want to close our business!

In our restaurant, we have implemented several measures towards customers and employees:

  • We regularly disinfect contact surfaces.
  • After each visit, we disinfect the table.
  • We have reduced the capacity so that guests are not directly next to each other.
  • After each payment, the staff washes hands and disinfects the terminal.
  • We have arranged company transport to allow employees to avoid public transportation.
  • We have informed and recommended safety measures to our employees.
  • We offer masks to employees.
  • We have increased overall disinfection, its scope, and intensity.
  • We provide basic vitamins to employees to strengthen their immunity.

More details in the attachment.

If we realize how many people we employ, we have the opportunity to influence the spread of the virus. And every single case helps; we must get rid of the assumption that it does not concern us. It's similar to when people don't vote because they think their vote is just one and won't make a difference.

Let's not spread panic, but awareness and responsibility.

We will intuitively complement the measures, and we will be grateful for further ideas for protection.