Our New Campaign


Our New Campaign

With our new campaign, we aim to showcase the fusion of traditional marketing methods, the digital world of social media, and the genuine quality of the services we offer. And who knows, we might just tease a few curious minds along the way! :-)

Campaign Without a Product, or a Little Puzzle for the Customer

Deliberately, we don't display the name of our establishment on our advertising spaces. Instead, there are various connections that piece together a mosaic. Since the majority of our customers come from referrals and loyal patrons, we can afford a bit of playfulness. We believe that "doing things differently" positively influences and evolves the services provided, ultimately benefiting the customer. The best set the trends, and we proudly count ourselves among the best :-)).

Join the intrigue, unravel the mystery, and discover the exceptional experience that awaits you at our establishment! 🎉✨

Billboard without a specific aim, yet remarkably specific

Billboards Are Something That Shouldn't Be Here Anymore... But They Are

And we have them too, two of them, in fact. We don't want to clutter them with maps and complicated directions. Instead, we've chosen to provide information that we consider important for visitors to our area and our restaurant. Mutual respect matters to us, so we welcome you on one side and bid you farewell on the other. When traveling to us, it's important to know that we are often busy, so it's better to make a reservation. Upon departure, we say goodbye to you. We boldly announce that now you know why we are proud and refer to what could arise from our relationship. We prefer the first option, but unfortunately, it doesn't always work out.

"Welcom, we don't need billboard" "make a reservation"

"Goodbye, Now you know why, "we love you, or not"

Social Media Is Great

Social Media: A Bridge Between the Past and Present

In today's digital age, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook serve as a bridge between the past and present. Imagine encountering our billboard or a vintage printed map with prominent advertisements reminiscent of the '90s. Thanks to targeted advertising on your mobile device, these elements connect seamlessly. All it takes is a click to reveal the location, and you can finally indulge in a delightful meal. The outcome? "Love, or not" - a playful twist for those who might be swayed by the charm of the past and a dash of nostalgia.

For some, the idea might seem trivial – after all, why bother with Facebook, Instagram, or Google Maps when searching for us? We playfully challenge the avid internet explorer with phrases like "Facebook? We say no," "Instagram? Not essential," or "Google? Important for finding us, but not too much." It's all in good humor, and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it brings us a sense of joy. After all, a little lightheartedness in the digital realm never hurt anyone!

"Facebook?" "Google?" "Instagram?" We say no! 

Preserving the Back of the Gourmet Guidebook

Another Small Quirk in Our Marketing Strategy

We allowed ourselves another little quirk in our advertising approach, this time in the Gourmet Guidebook, where we reserved the entire back page. We informed readers that we are safeguarding this space to prevent it from being snatched up by some multinational corporation or another "gastro-scam," all in line with GDPR and GPS guidelines, though we refrained from naming specific entities like McDonald's or KFC.

We also made our mark on a map, a graphical piece that, in our opinion, seems somewhat stuck in time. Advertisements and information overpower the actual map. Nevertheless, we found our spot there too.

Our business cards are printed on recyclable paper, serving as carriers of additional information. They accompany the bill, guiding customers to where they can praise or complain about us. The graphics are simple, but to the observant eye, they unmistakably connect with our ongoing campaign. We anticipate that a part of our green logo will become as recognizable as iconic symbols like the Nike Swoosh, a brand that took about 50-75 years to achieve such prominence.