Michal Džuka recorded his latest music video at Kriváň


On June 1, 2023, Slovak folk singer, composer, and poet Michal Džuka filmed his latest music video on the top of Kriváň in the High Tatras.

This event marked a significant moment in the Slovak music scene as Michal Džuka, a folk singer, composer, and poet, chose to shoot his new music video on this symbolic peak. The nighttime ascent took place on June 17, 2023, and delivered unforgettable footage accompanied by stunning views of the Tatra Mountains.

Michal Džuka is known for his strong local patriotism, and his song "Život je kopec" (Life is a Hill) is one of his most successful compositions. Therefore, it is noteworthy that he decided to record this symbolic video on Slovakia's most famous peak - Kriváň. This choice reflects his deep connection to the country, its culture, and traditions.

Michal Džuka has earned recognition for his talent and hard work, as evidenced by his broader nomination among other successful artists for the prestigious Radio_Head Awards 2022. His musical compositions are filled with profound lyrics and emotional authenticity, rightfully comparing him to the legendary Czech singer Jaromír Nohavica.

This ascent to Kriváň was organized by Richard Tomáš, the owner of the renowned restaurant and music club Koliba Tri Studničky. Richard has been a long-time friend of Michal Džuka and is thrilled to be part of this unique event. Together, they created an atmosphere that emphasized the beauty of the song "Život je kopec" and the natural splendor of Slovakia.

Filming the music video on top of Kriváň was a unique experience for Michal Džuka and his fans. This extraordinary combination of music and nature added a new dimension to his artistic expression. Michal Džuka will undoubtedly maintain his place in the Slovak music landscape as a talented and passionate performer.

For more information about the performance and Michal Džuka, you can contact the email address koliba@zelenystvorec.sk.

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